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Título: Network designs as agribusiness architecture: The Bioceres SA case


Napolitano, G. /

Ordóñez, H. /

Senesi, S. /

Resumen: Argentina is an important producer of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum); notwithstanding, the volume generated must grow based on an increase in productivity and an expansion of the productive frontier by adding new regions, so as to increase exports and improve business for the producing companies. Both aspects are related to the corresponding development of genetics; therefore, investment in research and development of new varieties is key.As a consequence of poor implementation and problems with the juridical interpretation of Law 20.247 of Seeds and Phytogenetic Creation, added to the fact that INASE (the National Seed Institute) does not adequately perform its role as controller of the system, the business of wheat seed in Argentina becomes diluted. This is due basically to the proliferation of seed without State control (bolsa blanca), hidden under the guise of “seed for one’s own use” that does not pay royalties for the developer. Bioceres SA deals with this business culture at variance with the law and technological development by means of a network type of internal design coupled to an external network architecture with clients and suppliers. The company manages a network of contracts that supports a genetics and seed business under the umbrella of the BioInta denomination, obtaining the developments needed by the sector, the companies and the country.

Publicación: Técnica Administrativa ISSN 1666-1680

Volúmen: 06, Número: 3, Artículo: 3

Fecha de publicación: 15-07-2007


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